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The following companies supply products or services for ISI.  For more information regarding these companies, follow the links provided.

Advanced Stainless Products designed to meet or exceed contamination control requirements.  
AP Tech Manufactures a wide array of gas handling components used exclusively for semiconductor wafer fabrication. 
ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a nonprofit educational and technical organization.
BOC MSDS sheets for a portion of the gasses for which we have designed and built delivery systems.
Forberg Instrumentation Distributor that stocks and sells products that measure and/or contain both pressure and flow.
LDS Vacuum Design and fabricate custom leak detection and vacuum systems, vacuum components and chambers.
MKS Instruments Provider of process infrastructure products and technologies that increase productivity in gas- and vacuum-based manufacturing.
Mykrolis Develops, manufactures and sells liquid and gas components and delivery subsystems to the semiconductor industry.
Pall The largest online resource for filtration, separation, and purification solutions.
Parker Manufacturer of motion and control technologies.
Stavac Vacuum and Instrumentation Specialists
Swagelok A global manufacturing corporation that delivers thousands of types of fluid system components.
Valex Manufacturer and distributor of UHP Products for the Semiconductor, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical Industries.
Veriflo Manufacturer of precision valves, regulators and transducers for the control and application of liquids and gases used in the fabrication of semiconductors, as well as in the chemical and petrochemical industries.



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